Handmade in Seattle

What’s missing from Fauxmage besides the dairy? You won’t find any oils, gums, stabilizers or thickeners in our cheese. We don’t add oils or preservatives either. In fact, our ingredients are so clean that Fauxmage is suitable for most diets and cleanses. Can you imagine cheese as a health food? You can now, because cashews are crazy good for you. Cashews are naturally cholesterol-free and contain good amounts of heart-healthy fats, fiber, and protein, and are high in copper, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. Consumption of cashews has been linked to cancer prevention, heart health, and weight maintenance.

All of our cheeses are soft, spreadable and make a delicious replacement for hummus, mayo, ketchup and other condiments. Use Fauxmage anywhere you need a hit of big flavor — on veggie burgers, melted into pasta sauce, in your kiddos lunch box with some sliced veggies — and know that you are doing your body good. Check out our recipe page for some inspiration and we love if you tag us on social media with your kitchen creations! @fauxmage_chz

Olive and Rosemary

They say “what grows together, goes together” and in the case of olives and rosemary, which grow together on the twisted hillsides of the Mediterranean, this couldn’t be more true. These two flavors are a perfect marriage that has delighted eaters for centuries, and we are still impressed with how perfectly they complement one another. This flavor is great eaten on its own with crackers and bread, atop flatbread pizza, and we especially like it with Italian red wine.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, green olives, kalamata olives, lemon juice, salt, garlic, rosemary, cultures.


Herbes de Provence

Our most classic flavor, this makes a beautiful addition to any cheese plate. It loves to be paired with fruit, especially tomatoes, peaches or plums. We love it spread on crackers or bread with fresh apples, pears and figs with a drop of BeeFree honey. At once floral and herbaceous, it pairs well with wine, a baguette and a beret if you have one.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, herbes de provence, garlic, lemon juice, salt, cultures.

Sundried Tomato & Basil

This is the flavor that started it all! Stir a dollop into hot pasta for added creaminess, layered in lasagna, or spread it on your favorite wrap and load up the veggies. Once you’ve tried this atop a burger of any kind, you will never go back to boring old ketchup. This also ranks as the kiddos first choice in our taste tests.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, sun dried tomato, basil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, cultures.

Rooster Spice

Our Rooster Spice is an elevated take on the bottled red stuff.  This is the hottest of our cheeses, but we balance the heat of red Chinese chiles with the brightness of Portland’s own Mama Lil’s pickled peppers for a really flavorful, harmonious end result. It pairs well with all vegetables (try roasting cauliflower, asparagus or fennel and mixing some in) and really shines atop sausages and hot dogs. Pair with cider, beer, and white wines.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, Mama Lil’s pickled peppers, Rooster spice blend, garlic, lemon juice, salt, cultures.


Harissa is a smoky red chile from North Africa with a touch of heat. Try it slathered on roasted corn or stir it into soups and stews and pastas for a rich, creamy finish. We particularly like it stirred into couscous or rice with any kind of vegetable. Add to scrambled eggs or tofu and breakfast will be your new favorite meal. Harissa pairs well with ales, lagers, and Bloody Marys.

Ingredients: Organic cashews, harissa, garlic, lemon juice, salt, cultures.